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~ La Perla Ferry Sevice Between Santa Cruz & Isabela Island ~
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La Perla Company
Our family owned business, welcomes you to Galapagos Island and La Perla Hotel. We travel with you from Santa Cruz Island to Isabella Island on La Perla Ferry. Sharing over 20 years of experience with La Perla Tours on and off Santa Cruz Island. Book online today.

From the moment you arrive until you leave, we get you there. Included in your package is getting you to and from your flights on time. We built ease into your adventures. Visit us on Santa Cruz Island and ask about our snorkeling gear, bicycles and travel equipment.

Personal Guides
Enjoy a small tour group with our level II/III, experienced, multilingual guides. No waiting in line for a random guide to gather strangers. Book a Galapagos Island tour package online. Rest easy in our tranquil hotel. Savor a vacation that gives you the best of Santa Cruz and Isabela Islands.

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